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About =MeRk=

Welcome to the =MeRk= PR Clan Site. We play the Project Reality (PR) Mod for Battlefield 2 (BF2) online. We are all committed to quality teamplay, with our priorities firmly set in the winning through superior tactics and teamplay.

If you want to become a member play where and when we are playing, ask for invites to our squads and impress us with your teamwork. Although individual skillsets are important, we absolutely insist that you play for the squad and team first. Anyone of us would drop a choice kit and grab the medic's kit to get a teammate up. Giving up or leaving a teammate is not an option.

If you think you are dealing with a run of the mill gaming clan, think again, you are in the wrong place. For mediocrity look elsewhere.

=MeRk= Servers
i suggest you not to buy squad, completely diffrent than PR
Has been a few years but thought I'd pop in and say hi just 'ere. Might try re-DL PR or get squad soon.
i good aint played for few years had a little round other day and rusty as hell lol... all good here bluff
Saturday and finally som timme off for late night PR! Anyone playing later?
i can run a local coop game, but anything else doesnt work.
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