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Q: What is the password to the =MeRk= Training Server?
A: The password is :-  merk
Q: I have a general question about the =MeRk= clan, who do I ask?
A: You may ask anyone within =MeRk= and they will answer your question! If you want a more detailed answer, you should ask one of the higher ranking members.
Q: Who is the leader of =MeRk=?
A: The leader of =MeRk= is BluFFeR.
Q: I have been banned, what do I do?
A: You should make a ban appeal in the Ban Appeals Section. Make sure you read this post before submitting a ban appeal.
Q: What does "=MeRk=" or "Merk" mean?
A: This link will explain what it means.
Q: What benefits are the benefits for donating/subscribing for a reserved slot?
A: You will get a reserved slot on our main server. This will allow you to join when the server is full (80/82 players).