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and sry peavey for not getting a slot but you wouldnt have seen the enemies anyways ;)
Big thank you for playing that well as a squad in the scrim
Hope everyone is keeping well :), Got a new job in fujitsu more the reason i've been very inactive :( Would like to get speaking to youse soon :)
cant even ping the address [link]
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Good rounds

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=MeRk= Member
FWIW those 2 rounds last night on Marlin then Pavlosk were epic old school Merk.

It is so easy to SL when 6-8 people play professionally and know what to do almost without asking.

It also makes playing with only a couple of us on seem like shit, so squad the fuck up and play more!

Great work Squad!
Posted Oct 17, 17 · OP
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=MeRk= Member
That was indeed two solid good rounds!
Kendit - Out!

"Move swift as the wind and closely formed as the wood, strike as fire and be still like a mountain" - Sun Tzu
Posted Oct 17, 17