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pushing good lots of stuff happening,moving etc...
Welcome back Rave, hows things mate :)
:d Rave ;-)
new machine incoming in few days and will retrieve old profile account and put back merk tags!
so nice too se u guys still kickin ass!!returned to playing these days with some friends from town- we poisoned some newbies with pr oh yaa,dont mind infa tags its for their boost only.MERK 4 LIFE
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KANONATOR here, although maybe you'll recognize me better with my tag (PUTA). It was just a silly tag my buddy and I have been using since .87 so other players think we're in a clan.. and yes I did just version-drop my join date bwahaha.

I'm a jazz musician from the Philippines (but I got a small construction company that I need to run to pay the bills coz the lord knows music won't). That's only relevant to explain why I'm on at weird hours, and why I lose 9 out of 10 CQB engagements. sigh.

I love everything about playing infantry: it can be slow-paced and high-adrenaline at the same time. And nothing beats the satisfaction of winning a firefight with tight teamwork and communication. Please invite me to teamspeak, although I'll still have to download it... (realtalk: you might wna check out Discord it's actually not bad). See you in-game!
Posted May 15, 18 · OP
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=MeRk= Member
Kano welcome mate,good to see you found us, ill PM you our teamspeak details now mate.
Posted May 15, 18
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got it! thanks!
Posted May 16, 18 · OP